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Sapphire Aesthetic Brackets Treatments in Penticton

Made of sapphire cyrstal, Sapphire Aesthetic Brackets are low profile and translucent, making them a great option for patients who are concerned about the aesthetics of metal braces.

What are Sapphire Aesthetic Brackets?

Sapphire Aesthetic Brackets are a great aesthetic choice for orthodontic treatment.

These brackets are developed from a single sapphire crystal, one of the hardest and clearest materials you can find in nature.

Once the brackets have been machined out of the crystal, they are then annealed for strength, and heat polished to remove any microscopic flaws.

Benefits of Sapphire Aesthetic Brackets:

  • Pure Monocrystalline material for a transparent, virtually invisible appearance
  • Heat treated for increased strength
  • Compatible with Maestro® Low-Profile Bracket System
  • Stain resistant throughout treatment
  • Crunch COAT™ Base for bond strength comparable to a mesh pad
  • Designed for patient comfort with rounded corners

Please contact Penticton Dental Centre today for a complimentary orthodontic consultation to learn more about Sapphire Aesthetic Braces.

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