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Penticton Dental Centre Featured Services

At Penticton Dental Centre, we offer these featured dental services in addition to our general dentistry and cosmetic services. 

Featured Services, Penticton South Okanagan Dentist

IV Sedation

Dr. Jennifer Neufeld has extensive experience in providing IV sedation to patients. Sedation can make complicated procedures such as removal of wisdom teeth or implant surgery much more comfortable. » Learn More


Jaw and teeth misalignments can cause a variety of health issues, but the team a Penticton Dental can help with our comprehensive orthodontics services. » Learn More


Penticton Dental now offers the Bioclear Method, a minimally invasive approach for treatment of dental 'black triangles' and other cosmetic issues. » Learn More

Our General Dentistry Services  Services For Children

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A crown or a filling for you?

Posted Jun 1st, 2016

Oh oh...broken front tooth. Crown needed.

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Dark Triangles

Posted May 27th, 2016

What are these triangular spaces in between my teeth?

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