Financial & Insurance Considerations

At Penticton Dental, we promote open discussion of fees and finances related to dental treatment. We want all our patients to feel comfortable asking us questions about the costs involved in their dental care.

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Dental Fees for Treatment

There is a provincial fee guide that dentists use to help them establish their fees.

This guide provides a reference, and forms the basis of how dental insurance companies reimburse dental treatment fees.

However, any dentist is able to charge whatever fee they see fit for a given procedure, based on complexity and many other variables.

It is the obligation of the dentist and the team to explain fees to patients before they commit to treatment, and to explain any fees that are not covered by insurance.

It is our policy to provide estimates for dental treatment fees, but it is impossible to predict every variable.

Open communication with patients is the best policy of all when it comes to financial matters.

Insurance Policies

At Penticton Dental, we recognize the value and benefits of third-party dental insurance.

That is why we are pleased to offer our patients the service of billing their insurance plans directly for the covered portion of the fees. (Please note that with some companies, this “Assignment of Benefits” is not allowed).

As an additional service to our patients, when possible we will submit pre-determinations to insurance companies to try to better estimate treatment costs.

In this day and age, the list of possible treatments is always expanding, and we never want to have an insurance company come between you and what's best for your teeth.

Again, good communication will allow us to provide you the best care possible, while utilizing the benefits that you and your employer pay for.

Payment Options

We are pleased to accept Visa, MasterCard, debit card or cash.

For our patients with dental insurance, the non-insured portion of their treatment cost is payable at the time the treatment is received.  We accept the insured amount directly from the insurance companies when allowed to do so.

Please communicate any special concerns or questions regarding payment for treatment to your dentist.

Providing Oral Health Care in Penticton

Our dental team at Penticton Dental is committed to providing a range of dental services tailored to the needs of our patients. 

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