Orthodontic Braces for Children

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Early orthodontic evaluation for children can help minimize or even circumvent orthodontic problems later on, making comprehensive braces treatment quicker and more effective.

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At what age should my child first have an orthodontic evaluation?

At Penticton Dental, we evaluate the orthodontic development of our young patients at every recall examination or cleaning appointment.

Many children who require braces will not start treatment until age 10 to 13, but some developmental problems will require earlier intervention.

We believe in the "early orthopedic" approach to management of developmental abnormalities, which allows us to correct or alter the development of the bones that support the teeth.

The goal of this early approach is to avoid complicated treatment or surgery later in life, and can make a significant difference in the health of a young child. 

Children Orthodontics, Penticton Dental Care

Can children who still have baby teeth undergo orthodontic treatment?

In some cases, early interceptive treatment will be undertaken between age 6 and 10, when the patient still has baby teeth.

At this stage we are more interested in treating the underlying bony architecture to promote proper development and eruption of the remaining permanent teeth.

What kinds of problems might orthodontic treatment help with?

Orthodontic treatment is not limited to correcting crooked teeth. Other things that patients may notice that can be addressed include over or underbite, teeth trapping behind lips, facial profile discrepancies (for example "weak chin" or sunken appearance), prominent upper front teeth, or even snoring and airway problems.

These can all be signs of developmental discrepancies that we may be able to successfully manage at Penticton Dental.

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