Dental Emergency Information in Penticton

Dental emergencies are rare, but they do occasionally happen. Here is some information and advice from the Penticton Dental team on how to proceed in case of a dental emergency.

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What constitutes a dental emergency?

The following problems will be assessed by the dentist on call, but will often require immediate attention.

  • Trauma resulting in severe tooth breakage or tooth loss. For example, sports accidents, falls or motor vehicle accidents. If this happens, see a dentist immediately. Carry the tooth or fragments in milk or water.
  • Severe infection. In some cases, dental infections can be medically serious and require treatment immediately.
  • New dental trauma, such as a severe tooth fracture
  • Prolonged, intense tooth pain that does not diminish with painkillers
  • Excessive bleeding following a tooth extraction
  • Broken orthodontics components that dig painfully into the gums
Less Urgent
  • Pain. Toothaches and dental problems can be extremely uncomfortable and may result in loss of sleep or missed work. Pain medications may help but are often of limited benefit.
  • Lost dental work. Crowns or fillings falling out of teeth may cause discomfort through sensitivity or roughness, or may change the way the teeth at the front of the mouth look.
  • Broken teeth from eating. Weakened teeth can frequently fracture during usage. Roughness, discomfort or sensitivity may result.
  • Broken or loose orthodontic wires or appliances.

What should I do in the event of a dental emergency?

As a dental practice with a focus on prevention, our goal is always to prevent emergencies before they arise.

This means treating problems early, as soon as they begin to present themselves. It also means regular dental hygiene and checkups to help keep your smile healthy.

Unfortunately, problems do occasionally arise which require immediate attention.

If you are a patient at Penticton Dental and require emergency care, please call our office immediately.

Our office provides emergency care for patients of record in our office. We also participate in the Penticton Regional Hospital emergency rotation for dentists*.

To access our emergency line, please
  • call our office,
  • listen to the message to get the cellular number of one of our dentists. 

If you are not a patient on record at Penticton Dental, please call the Penticton Regional Hospital.

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*Please note that your emergency care may be provided by a dentist other than the one you usually see for normal care.

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