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How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

Are you looking for a dentist in Penticton? Finding the right dentist can be a tricky task, so today our dentists are offering some advice to help you make the right choice.

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How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Curious about how long dental bonding lasts? Our Penticton reveal the answer - and address your questions about how the process works, financial considerations and alternatives.

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What is puberty gingivitis?

Puberty gingivitis is a preventable form of gingivitis that can develop in children during puberty. Here, our Penticton dentists explain what causes it, and how to prevent it.

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How to Choose Between Clear Aligners & Braces

Stressing about choosing between cosmetic clear aligners and traditional braces? Our Penticton dentists offer some factors to think about, including cosmetic considerations.

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10 Fun Dental Facts for Kids

If your kids find everything to do with dental health and teeth boring, try some of the fun dental facts listed below to pique their interest!

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Will My Braces Hurt?

Wondering if having braces hurts? Our Penticton dentists tell you how to avoid pain during and after having braces.

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Can Children and Teens Get Their Teeth Whitened?

For a few important reasons, our Penticton dentists advise against teeth whitening for children and young teens.

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Are dental implants the right choice for me?

Are you missing teeth and in need of a tooth replacement option? Dental Implants may be ideal for you. Here, our Penticton dentists share some information about dental implants and how you will know if they are right for you.

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How To Teach Oral Hygiene To Kids

Good oral hygiene habits start when children are babies. We explain why it’s important to teach habits early through instruction and reinforce them throughout childhood.

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Are dental veneers permanent?

Dental veneers can address a number of aesthetic issues, but are they a permanent solution? Our Penticton dentists explain what you should know about these dental restorations.

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