Dark Triangles

Dark Triangles

What causes dental "black triangles"? Where the teeth and the gums meet is where it all happens. 

In a healthy 16 year old, the areas between the teeth will be filled with a little pink triangle of gum tissue (known as an interdental papilla by the way).  Sometimes these triangles will be maintained throughout life but more commonly, they recede with time leaving a space. 

In the front of the mouth, these can become unsightly "black triangles", which make the teeth look older. 

Further back, the spaces can be annoying food traps.  Traditionally, dentistry has not been able to do a good job of filling these spaces.  Crowns can do it but are not generally conservative to tooth structure and enamel.  Recent advances in filling techniques however do allow these spaces to be predictably filled in.  However in place of the missing gum tissue, we use white composite filling material instead using the Bioclear Method.  These composite resin handling techniques are the next evolution of the dental filling and unlike traditional "bonding" of teeth, can offer very esthetic, durable and long lasting solutions to many structural and esthetic problems.

At Penticton Dental we are all about providing long lasting solutions with our patient's health and appearance first and foremost, and with the addition of the Bioclear Method to our arsenal, we can offer a less costly alternative to crowns and veneers that require the help of a dental lab.

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