Aging and the Human Dentition

Aging and the Human Dentition

How long should you keep your natural teeth? Will you have them with you when you pass on? As dentists, we are trying to help people do just that.

Unfortunately, the total amount of tooth, gums, and bone you have is decreasing from about age 16 forward.

With every filling, receding gums, and even cleaning, you are losing those precious tissues…tissues that were originally designed to last until reproductive age and not much longer.

So as dentists, we are fighting the natural progress of time, trying to turn the clock hands backwards, and preserve the teeth long beyond their historical life span.

One way to make sure your teeth remain healthier for longer is to have them put into a straight position through orthodontics.

Crooked teeth are not just an esthetic problem… we are not able to offer a long term prognosis of health for teeth that are not aligned properly. They are simply too difficult to fix and maintain.

Teeth can be straightened at any age and the pleasant appearance of straight teeth is a beneficial side effect of maintaining health.

Unfortunately, crowded teeth inevitably worsen over time as our jaws actually narrow with age. In our younger patients, we have the ability to establish a broader, fuller arch form that provides a stable base for straighter teeth throughout life.

Luckily, there are many parents who share our views on the importance of a healthy mouth, and chose to give their children the gift of straight teeth.

Remember: it is never too late to establish straight teeth and a healthy bite for the remainder of their own lives. Get in touch with Penticton Dental Centre today to discuss whether orthodontics is right for you.

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