Botox Treatment

At Penticton Dental Centre, we offer Botox as an option for treating various issues, including pain caused by headaches and pain in a patient's temporomandibular joint. It can also be used to prevent tooth damage.

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What happens during Botox treatment?

At Penticton Dental Centre, two of our dentists, Dr. Katrina Saina and Dr. Peter Cormilott are Botox certified.

Your dentist will begin with an initial consultation, during which they can help you determine whether Botox is right for you.

Botox® (Botulinum Toxin) is a purified protein with a number of applications in dentistry. The Botox treatment process is typically completed in minutes, without the need for an anesthetic.

The injections should be virtually painless; at most, you could feel a slight pinprick. Immediately after your Botox treatment is complete, you may experience mild redness or in rare cases, some bruising. For most patients, there will be almost no indication they've had a Botox treatment.

Botox Treatment, Penticton Dental Care

Initial Botox Consultation

At Penticton Dental Centre, we offer therapeutic Botox consultations for patients who are considering this treatment. If you think you could benefit from Botox treatment, the initial consultation is a great way to learn about which treatment options may be suitable for you. Request an appointment today, and get on the path to relief from jaw or headache pain! Request Appointment

What is Therapeutic Botox used for?

Our dentists offer the following therapeutic Botox treatments for patients of Penticton Dental Centre:

  • Treatment of TMJ Pain or Jaw Pain

    For patients who experience recurring jaw or TMJ pain despite wearing a nightguard, Botox treatments may be a great option. They may also be viable for those unwilling or unable to tolerate wearing a night guard while they sleep.

    The Botox is injected into the facial muscles that are involved in grinding or clenching to reduce or relax the muscles. This relieves stress and strain, which causes pain in your jaw and TMJ.

  • Treatment of Headaches

    Many people experience various headache pain, including migraines or headaches similar to migraines, that are actually caused by their bite or teeth grinding or clenching.

    Botox treatment may prove effective in reducing or eliminating some types of headaches.

  • Prevention of Daytime Teeth Damage

    Though a nightguard may prove effective at preventing damage to teeth and most patients who grind or clench their teeth can tolerate one, it is typically not practical for many to wear an appliance during the day.

    Unfortunately, patients who tend to grind or clench during the night also likely grind or clench during the day.

    Botox treatment can help prevent damage to teeth during the day by relaxing your jaw muscles to help reduce the risk of fracturing teeth or dental restorations such as crowns or fillings.

What is Cosmetic Botox used For?

Dr. Peter Cormilott and Dr. Katrina Saina can use Botox to help boost your self confidence:

  • Wrinkle Reduction & Prevention

    At Penticton Dental Centre, Dr. Katrina Saina and Dr. Peter Cormilott offer cosmetic Botox to help reduce or eliminate wrinkles. 

    Using Botox, we strive to provide our patients with a natural, more youthful appearance without impacting their natural appearance or smile.

  • Gummy Smile & Jawline Reduction

    Some patients have either a long upper jaw or overactive upper lip, which results in a large proportion of the gums showing when they smile. Botox can be used to relax upper lip muscles to reduce or eliminate the display of gums.

    Botox treatment for jaw muscles can help to relax them enough that the jaw line of a person may gradually change to offer the appearance of a slimmer, less square jaw line.

  • Provide a More Even Smile

    Some people are troubled by an asymmetrical, or uneven smile. Depending on where your smile is asymmetrical, our dentists can use Botox to help even out your smile.

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