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At Penticton Dental Centre, we offer IV Sedation for patients who feel anxiety about their dental procedures, or who are undergoing lengthy or complex procedures.

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What is IV Sedation?

IV Sedation (Intravenous Conscious Sedation) is when a drug is administered into the blood system during dental treatment.

Will I feel any pain during my procedure?

No. Although IV sedation drugs are not painkillers, you will be completely numbed during your procedure, so you won’t feel pain.

How is IV Sedation Administered?

‘Intravenous’ means that the sedation drug will be injected into the vein.

This is done using a very fine needle that is injected into a vein close to the surface of the skin, either in the back of your hand, or your arm.

The drug is administered through a tube that will be connected to the needle, and that will stay in place for the duration of the procedure.

How does IV sedation feel? Will I fall asleep?

You will remain conscious during conscious IV sedation. You’ll also be able to understand, and respond to requests from, your dentist throughout the procedure.

However, you are unlikely to remember much, if anything at all, about your procedure after the fact.

This is because IV sedation induces a state of deep relaxation in the patient, and a general sense of not being bothered by what’s going on. Also, the drugs used in IV sedation produce full or partial memory loss during the period of time when they are first administered, until they wear off.

In short, while you’re under the effects of IV sedation, you will be conscious, but you won’t mind anything that is happening during your procedure, and you’re not likely to remember much of it when it’s over.

If you have had difficulty with dental treatment in the past, then IV sedation may be a special consideration for you. Contact our practice today to find out if IV Sedation is the right choice for you.

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Penticton Dental Centre’s IV Sedation Specialist

With the use of IV sedation Dr. Neufeld is able to accept referrals for almost any type of dentistry, but particularly removal of impacted wisdom teeth, complicated extractions, bone grafts, implants, sinus lifts or general dentistry that patients are anxious for and do not want to be awake for or remember without the added complications of a trip out of town.

IV Sedation, Penticton Dental Centre

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